Cabin Story – SeeNickDraw

So why the picture?

This picture, I’d say it’s my favorite because it kind of embraces my entire personality

Where did the idea come from?

I graduated from college with a major in English Lit. So I love books, reading, exploring the stories and hidden meanings in novels, etc. 

Why does this picture mean so much to you?

I’m also a huge outdoor/nature freak. And of course, an artist. So this piece is basically my life as a drawing. 

What more can you tell us about your art?

What more can I tell you about my art?! I never stop trying new things. I am all over the place as an artist! It’s fun to be spontaneous

I create art because I’d go crazy if I didn’t. Somewhere deep within, I am an artist whether I want to be or not, and if I don’t allow myself to get that creativity out, I’d probably lose my mind. I saw an opportunity to do something I love AND make a living at it. And my best advice to anyone would be, if you see an opportunity to be anything you want to be, take it!
To see more of SeeNickDraw’s art click on his Instagram below 

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