Farthers day crayon art – mistyart_

Why did you pick that picture to share?
I picked that because I want to show the work I’ve done to the Instagram community. I also picked the picture because it just looked really creative and I wanted other people to be inspired and try it, too.
Where did the idea come from? 

The idea came from Pinterest, and it just looked so easy and fun, I wanted to try it myself! It was a perfect time to do it, because I was on vacation while my dad was at home.

Why does this picture mean so much to you?

 The picture means so much to me because it seems as if my dad and we are watching the sky rain rainbows, and rainbows mean a lot to us because my dad served in the marines. It also means a lot to me because rainbows are just beautiful, and it’s a sign that God would never flood the earth ever again.

Tell us a little something about yourself: 

I’m currently in Middle School and some of the activities I do outside of school is basketball. I have a great team and a fun coach. I enjoy singing and trying out for drama. And I love spending time with my family.

what more can you tell us about your art?

 The summer of 2015 I found my talent of art. Sometime during this year, I started to loose confidence in myself, and I told myself that people didn’t like my art. But my friends @kyooko_ and @kyle.der.kunstler told me to be motivated. At that time I was drawing manga, but now I realize that it’s not my style, and that I need a new one. So I’m currently working on a new art style. And I hope that my followers and I enjoy my new art styles 

To see more of mistyart_ work please click on the link below to visit their Instagram account 

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