Star Wars – gladiolaalvarado

Why did you pick this picture?
I chose this picture because I’m a Big time fan of Star Wars and it was a challenge as it had more then one person in it and lots of details in the background . Most of the drawings I ever did were just of one person and a blank background . But after my brother challenged me with this picture I committed to it and did my first ever Big Piece with more then one person and a background .
Where did the idea come from?
After watching the trailer of the New Star Wars that was going to come out last year in December I got out all the Star Wars movies before and had a marathon , that had reminded me how much I love Chewy and Han Solo which is why they became my main focus in my drawing too and I started with them first the continued on from there.
Why does this picture mean so much to you?
To me this picture is a reminder that that I can accomplish any challenge if I set my mind to it . It’s worth the time it takes .
A little something about myself?
My names Gladiola , I started drawing at a very young age as I couldn’t speak English back then I had to find a way of communication , then I found my way through with drawings . If I wanted to show someone what I was trying to say I’d draw it out and they’d understand . Drawing has been my form of communication then and still is now . And I’m continuing on to discover where my art takes me . I will never leave without a pen and paper.
What can you tell us about your art?
Most of my drawings are done in Micron , actually all Micron haha I started this style last year while taking an advanced inking class in my art uni it took only that class to discover that drawing in pen was my style . Ever since the my addiction keeps going and I draw every day and learn from every sketch. I will continue my art and plan on working on bigger projects. Hope to one day become a inspiration .
to see more of Gladiolas art please click on the link below to go to their instagram

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