Keisha – michymichellebelle

Why did you pick this picture?
I chose to draw Keisha after hearing the final verdict during her court case “Kesha vs. Dr. Luke”. Dr. Luke have been accused a sexual abused Kesha. She courageously spoke out on the matter and defied all judgement. As a public figure, this could not have been an easy decision to make considering the industries unspoken rules. As I watched the court case unravel, I also saw many people rise up and support to defend her. It instantly had sparked an inspiration inside of me. It also made me realize how injust our law system may be.
Where did the idea come from ?
A fearless woman who is trying to survive the industry of music and art.
Why does this picture mean so much to you? 

 Allow me to express awareness to the issues that are going on currently in our country. News one day day, gone the next.

Tell us a little something about yourself? 

My name is Michelle, I’m self-taught self-taught artist as of October 2015. I have been surrounded by art my whole life and have always had such an admiration for artists who can capture beauty into a still picture. I found myself staring at a pencil drawing of a woman and that was the beginning…

What more can you tell us about your art? After trying many different medias, I have found a deep passion for creating colorful images with colored pencils. I hope to learn as many techniques from The amazing artists and our world and to personally use my art to uplift others as well.

To see more of Michelle’s work please follow the link below to her Instagram account 

One thought on “Keisha – michymichellebelle

  1. Amazing ! can’t believe how good you have become in short amount of time. The Kersha drawing is one of your best!


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