BV – miss_devon_designs

Why did you pick this picture? 
I picked this picture because I’m really trying to get more into the horror genre.
Why does this picture man so much to you?

I have this dream of becoming a SFX artist but for now I’ll have to start with drawing monsters and things like that so I can 2-D practice before 3-D practice.It is a clicker from the last of us so the idea came from that. But I wanted it to be more dramatic. So I chose to do a high contrast looking picture and add the bright red to add even more pop. Art, every form of art, whether it be drawing, painting, Sculpting, etc, means the world to me. It’s who i am. It’s my passion, my drive, my goal

What can you tell us about yourself? 

All I can really say about myself is that I’m an addict to charcoal, paint, and clay. Anything that makes a mess I’m down for.

What more can you tell us about your art?

 I love finding paint on my tshirts and self the day or a few days after I’ve painted. And with my art, like I said, I’m wanting to go more into horror. Gore. Stuff like that

To see more of miss_devon_designs art please click the link below to her Instagram account 

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