Fairy chimneys – mariefriant

Why did you pick this picture? 

because it is my latest creation. It is a travel l loved. I always dreamt to go there & I loved the collection I worked with.

Where did the idea come from? 

the idea for my page came from the collection & theme’s collection I used which is by Feed Your Craft, an etsy shop that I love and that I am very lucky to create for.

What does this art mean to you?

 scrapbooking has been a passion for about 14/15 years. It relaxes me & I empty my mind while I scrap.

What can You tell us about yourself?

my name is Marie Friant & I am 40. I live in Belgium with my husband, my son & our 3 chihuahuas. Apart from scrap, I love traveling, discovering other cultures, world cuisines…

What more can You tell us about your art?

I create according to my photos or the products I use. I don’t know how to describe my style. It is changing I think depending on my mood. In fact, I basically like all styles of scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is so wide it is really for anyone. You don’t need to have experience or to be an artist to scrap.
To see more of mariefraint’s work please click on the link below to her Instagram account 

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