Spring – kosmansky

Why did you pick this picture?
It is one of my favourite pictures in my kosmansky Art Gallery on Instagram. Spring show the best my potential, art capability and energy. This one is like spring – powerful, colourful, magical, expressive and stimulate the human imagination. 
Where did the idea for this art come from?

I have a vivid imagination, so all of my ideas are just figment of my imagination. I have got many ideas, but a lot of them come during the painting – so I never know, what will be result of my painting. And it is the most exciting aspect of my painting!
What does this art mean to you?

Not only this one, but everything, what you can see on my Instagram, has come with a huge PASSION TO ART. 
What can you tell us about yourself?

I am german translator and HR leader by profession, artist by passion. After 10 years stoppage of painting, because of study and work, I decided to come back with maturity, creativity, energy and lot of ideas.

I will do something more, where I can use my art potential, what give me satisfaction and personal fulfilment. So I start with abstract painting, what give me a lot of fun and let me develop my talent. If I can by the way share of my art with the other artist in the world, I take pleasure in that.

What more can you tell us about your art?

Unpredictable. Powerful. Unorthodox. Mature. Original. Abstract. Expression. Full of passion.I like mix the art technique and colors. See You soon on kosmansky Art Gallery on Instagram!

To see more of kosmansky’s art please click on the link below to go to her Instagram account 

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