Tropical lust – broken.lenses

Why did you pick this picture? 

This painting in particular took about 30 hrs during and after my studio hours, so it was really cool to see it as a finished product. Also, it was a more imaginative project since I created the layout and colors in a photoshop template. I loved working with different images to create an abstract composition. 
Where did the idea come from?

The original concept had to incorporate complementary colors, and I wanted to add more of a tropical or exotic vibe. I’ve always loved painting lips, and I think the addition of the fruit give it a sense of female empowerment. 

What the art means to me?

Again, playing with the idea of juxtaposing different colors and shapes to create an alluring but mindful piece. Each part to the painting plays on each other to create a balance but visual tension. 

What can you tell us about yourself? 

Born and raised in and around Baltimore, MD, I’ve always been drawn to art. I started primarily with drawing, and then I focused my attention to photography, and more specifically film photography. I studied it all throughout high school, but when I got to college I broadened my artistic purpose. I began to work more in oil paint, ceramics, mixed media design, and digital photography. I really love all forms of art, and I don’t think anyone should restrict themselves to one form. It’s important to expand your knowledge and breadth to understand more concepts. 

What more can you tell us about your art? 

So far, my favorite forms are mixed media design and still film photography. There’s a beauty in the juxtaposition between color, texture, and form in the mixed media art. There’s also a beauty in the simplicity but powerful values in black and white film. It’s the intimacy and expression that attracts me to it.

To see more of broken.lenses work please click on the link below to go to his Instagram account 

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