Where I want to be – patzke_paints_

Why did you pick this picture?
I’ve been trying to find my voice within my artwork and without the criticism fear looming over me. It’s an acrylic work strictly depicting what I love. I stopped painting what I think people want to see and what I actually want to paint. 
Where did the idea for this art come from? 

I live in Nevada and what people don’t realize about Nevada is the outrageous sunsets and skies that we get. I love staring at them on my drive home. This depicts my interpretation of those skies and how I’ve tried to capture them. 
What does this art mean to you?

 Freedom. Doing what I want to do without any apologies.
What can you tell us about yourself?

I’m an English teach and although painting is not my career… It is my passion. I might not be the best painter in the world, but it makes me happy and my goal is to make others look at it and feel the same. 
What more can you tell us about your art? 

It’s inspired by Van Gogh and his brush strokes. He layers the paint on incredibly thick and my goal is to achieve the same. The texture he creates is a true testament to an artist who wandered throughout his own art and found his path through paint. I love that. And I hope to do that but with my own Patzke spin. 

To see more of patzke_paints_ art please click the link below to go to their Instagram account 

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