Untitled – Obliquelle

Why did you pick this picture?

One of the reasons that I picked this one is that it gives a good idea about the mediums that I’ve been using which is mainly charcoal and/or graphite. It shows how the charcoal enables me to experience the randomness and helps me to create patterns with its unpredictable, changing nature. It always suprises you, sometimes becomes noisy, vibrates on paper. The magic of the charcoal stick as you like. Besides, it shows playing with that randomness and creating fractals, patterns, forms and texture especially when applied with other artistic mediums. 
Where did the idea for this art come from?

I was into drawing enso, the zen circle which is actually practiced with ink in japanese calligraphy. Then I tried to draw it with different mediums. At that point I intensely start to use charcoal and graphite. As I begin to apply different artistic mediums like soft and hard pastels, I had the opportunity to make it developing into a meditative art form. The drawings when combined with rotation, grid system and continuity helped me to develop stories out of randomness which are totally up to the viewer’s perception and constantly in flux.  
What does this art mean to you?

It means experiencing oneself through an art form and hearing the echoes through it. Most of them are untitled yet sometimes as a title, I’m prone to place some questions like ”How circles started to speculate ?” Something that inspired me while reading Zen Koans. 
What can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Kubra Sahin, I have studied Classical Archaeology and have a M.A degree in my field. I’ve worked many years in excavations. Troy, one of the well-known sites is one of them. I’ve also worked as an art coordinator for local art galleries, here in my hometown Istanbul.

I currently work as a freelance translator and an editor. I’ve been drawing for many years with regards to my core field which is classical archaeology that has a lot to do with art history and partly prehistory. This includes ornamentation, artefacts, architectural drawings and stratigraphy and some visual interpretation regarding sketching. In particular, I’m interested in collobrating with interdiciplinary, multimedia and mixed media artists and have a special interest in future of storytelling. Hoping to establish a design studio. 
What more can you tell us about your art?

I’m hoping to develop it into an interdiciplinary form which makes me keep learning. Apart from printing on textile or art prints, I would like to see them on ceramics or as animated visuals within a soundscape. These drawings also helped me to explore not necessarily the style but the idea in arts regarding eastern tradition. Helps me to blend the concepts and creates a middleway.

To see more of Obliquelle’s Art please follow the link below to their Instagram account 

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