2099 a collective – the.2099

Why did you pick this video? (Please not video is at the foot of this page)
We are not your everyday artists and we do not conform to the norms. This video encapsulates just that allowing you to see us for what and who we are, a bunch of vandals doing what vandals do best.


Where did the idea for this video come?

This is simply a promotional video. For the past several months we have been working on a short documentary piece about our crew 2099. This video was a way to spread a little hype and get people interested in what we are doing.


What does this art mean to you?

What does this art mean to us? Well simply it’s a way of expressing ourselves and not giving a fuck about it. The artist Buroc puts it in words that speaks to us all at 2099 in the beginning of the video “A lot of the time people say street art has a message, well my graffiti has a message too and the message is fuck you I’m out having fun.”


What can you tell us about yourself?

Well we are from the future. All 4 members were born in the year 2099 hence the name of the crew. We are always one step ahead and have come back to the past to spread our art. In the future art is illegal as it causes emotions which leads to violence and we came back to get away from the bleak future we saw. Simply put 2099 is a collective of artists that prefer to paint street illegally for everyone to see rather than paint a canvas that lives in a contained space. We see the world as one big canvas and it’s ours for the taking. We are based out of Toronto, Ontario and currently have 4 members Fast, Hush, iCue, and Buroc.


What more can you tell us about your art?

It’s hard to say as we are always innovating and creating new and exciting. We are currently working on a documentary so stay tuned for that! Graffiti and vandalism isn’t for everyone and neither is our art. Some people like it others despise it and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

To see more of the 2099’s art follow the link below to see their Instagram page

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