Prism eye II – the dramatic eye – nandakhiaraartist

Why did you pick this picture?
This piece was created in early 2015 and I picked this piece, as I love the colors in the paintings. It delivers a universal message on how the Eye / I (plural) see the world. This painting focuses on the eye being in the center stage and dramatic in the way the entire world sees an object, a situation, an occasion or any particular subject. One object / one subject with billion different points of views.
Where did the idea of this art come from? 

The idea of this art came to me when I was creating my series title Eye / I (plural). I found it fascinating that even though the entire world or 7 billion people can be looking at the same object or a subject matter yet everyone has a different opinion. This painting depicts a common denomination – “the eye” and yet the universal diversity and the thoughts are so far wide apart yet everyone has a valid point from their own perspective on what they see. Hence it’s titled the eye at the dramatic center stage.
What does this art meant to you?

To me this art means that we as humans are all equal and yet our thoughts and views are affected by our surroundings, upbringing and the different continents we grew up in… Given the chaos in today’s world it simply means tolerance, equality and respecting different views is the way forward for global peace.

What can you tell us about yourself?

(Bio by the artist)

Nanda Khiara, uses paint to bring to the fore her Passion for life—with a abstract expressionist style her paintings are warm and vivid, profound and complex, lyrical and romantic, and even dark and mystifying with a deep sense of herself.

British by nationality and Indian by origin, Nanda is a true global citizen with her footprint all over the world from Kuwait, Hong Kong, Dubai, London and now Mumbai.

With a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design from American College London and an MBA from the University of Westminster, Nanda gave up the pinstripe suit to explore a new paradigm – “the paradigm of colors”

Working predominantly in acrylics, Nanda creates abstract works, well mostly. Just when you label her genre and style, she surprises you with yet another form. To accentuate her story telling, she creates unique tools and mediums to express her work.

Her love for grandeur reflects in the choice of the big canvases she so frequently uses. Akin to her generous and vibrant colors, she conjures bold compositions with subtle style and meaning.

Bold, uninhibited, expressive, Nanda Khiara has managed to maintain a unifying thread throughout her diverse body of work – an aura of mysticism and always evolving concepts and realms.

Her current series of works that depict her influences from living in Asia, Middle East and Europe are divided into the following series:

· Eye / I

· Time Travel

· Energy

· Phrenology

· Organized Chaos

· Thoughts
What more can you tell us about your art? 

I am a passionate person by nature and love creating story lines and small series for all my art. I use acrylic paints predominantly, as the main medium, combined with inks, resin art, impasto paintings too. I create my own tools for my work. Besides the traditional paints and pallet knives, I also use wooden sticks, stones, twigs and various other tools on my paintings.

My next medium that I am looking forward to exploring is semi precious & precious stones & dust including gold, silver and bronze leafing.
To see more of nandakhiaraartist’s work please follow the link below to see their instgram page 

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