Stormy Weather – dshorttart

Why did you pick this picture?

This picture was chosen due to the way it appeals to me thanks to its vibrant colors and subtle details

Where did the idea come from?

I paint many ocean and sea related subjects, and this is based on one of the reference photos I’ve accumulated over the years 
Why does this mean so much to you?

This particular piece is one of my favorites thanks to the colors I was able to achieve in the water without it becoming muddied.
What can you tell us about yourself?

I have been drawing my entire life but only recently started painting with acrylics. Growing up on the coast in Florida has given me a great appreciation for all things ocean related and the majority of my subject matter is based on it. I won many art shows across the southeast when I was younger but stopped doing anything Art related for many years (roughly 7) and only got back into it around 2013/2014.
What more can you tell us about your art?

I have been trying my whole life that only recently started painting. I actually enjoy watercolors the most however I started dabbling in acrylics due to the fact that I wanted to see if I could get better saturation and more vibrancy and the colors for subject matter like this.
To see more of dshorttart’s work please follow the link below to see their instgram account.

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