How to creat a Galaxy – woradetmuangnoi

Why did I pick this pic? 

I have a lot of pictures for this project but I really like this one because it’s show that we can do anything we want if you do your best and I also like this idea.

Why did the idea come from? 

First of all, I had a project to shoot a product photography about the cosmetic and this idea suddenly came to my head.

What does this art mean to me? 

This is my first art, I mean this kind of art so I’m very pround of myself. This is my beginning on this way and I will try harder and harder to creat more works.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I’m a person who really like takes photo and creats things. Photography was my hobby and now I have an oppotunity to do a photography as a job so I’m a freelance photographer right now but it’s just start and I keep working hard and harder to ready for any oppotunitys which come to me in the future.

More about this art? 

It was not easy for me to did this one I spent about 2 -2.30 hr to did it and I got more than 200 shot but most of them were not look good. Anyway I finally got some shots which I do satisfy.

To see more of woradetmuangnoi’s art please follow the link below to view their Instagram page 

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