MULAN – Defending the Wall – Bruno_Rodyo

Why did you pick this picture?

 This picture is part of a run of illustrations of female characters and one I am most proud of. In a mission to better myself in drawing female characters as a preparation for drawing a story I’m currently writing and basing around a female character I’ve drawn and created plenty. Mulan, who definitely isn’t my creation, is maybe my favorite character and the story and legend surrounding her and her life is very dear to my heart. I find it very inspiring which made the process of drawing it just a bigger delight.


Where did the idea for this art come from?

The idea for this art came as an amalgamation of many stories and versions of the life story and legend that surrounds the character of Mulan. All of that when filtered through the pure fantasy lens resulted in this drawing and idea.


What does this art mean to you?

In my mind this art stands as a perfect representation of a strong female character that is Mulan. At least as I would like to see her. A real person covered in traditional Chinese armor holding her head up high and existing in a world touched by fantasy and imagination. She is standing by a powerful mystical creature that in a way represents her own spirit – mighty, powerful and beautiful.


What can you tell us about yourself?

Ever since I was able to pick up a pencil and find a piece of paper I have been drawing and I continue to do it every day. Going trough picture books and trying to replicate the art in them was the first step which led to a obsession with comics and animation. Without even knowing it I was learning about visual storytelling and applying it. My early school years only worsened the situation. From the start I became the resident scribbler when ever it was needed and continued to be that to this day. In high school I foolishly decided to get real and studied graphical design and art which continued trough college resulting in a bachelors degree in it. Trough all that time I worked as a freelance graphical designer while continuing to draw in my free time. It took 10 years and some nasty clients to wake me up and make me realize that I really am a illustrator. After that eye opener I continue to live and breathe art in my personal and professional life.


What more can you tell us about your art?

I don’t put a lot of deep meaning behind my art. At least my definition of a deep meaning. It is simply my favorite pass time activity, therapeutic exercise and way of life. Every character or scene I draw lives in three instances – in my mind, on paper and hopefully in the minds of people that see it. I think that every piece I do should better me as an artist and give something back to the people that see it. Only then I allow myself to call it art.


To see more of Bruno_Rodyo’s artwork please follow the link below to see their Instagram page 

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