Lion Pride – arts_by_kate

Why did I pick this picture? 

I love big cats because their power and beauty inspire me. I want everyone to see the magnificence of the animals the way I see them. 

Where did the idea for this art come from?

When I looked at National Geographic as a child I always focused on the beautiful pictures of the big cats. The Lion is just so majestic and mighty I wanted to capture the feel of it. I also wanted to show tight details and scratch board can help with that.

What does this art mean to you?

Not only is it one of my favorite animals but it is a part of me. I can be beautiful but I also need to be strong and fierce. I would be like the lioness and protect what I care for or about.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I come from a small town in Idaho and now I am living in Las Vegas Nevada. I studied art education at BYU-I. I want to share my love of art with my students.

What more can you tell us about your art? I love to mix mediums when I create. Art pieces are sometimes never finished I always see something more to be done. I want my art to inspire happiness, love, and strength. The world needs to be inspired to keep us kind and great.

To see more of Kate’s work please follow the link below to see her Instagram page 

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