Not Exactly Peaceable Kingdom – guycolwellart

Why did you pick this picture?
I work along a spectrum of interests. At one end is humanity and social commentary, at the other end is nature and animals. In the middle, I’ve done numerous artworks that bring both ends together. These generally surrealistic pictures explore the relationship, or more precisely, the alienation, between the human and the natural worlds. I chose this picture because I believe it touches on all aspects of my interests as an artist and shows my skills fairly well. There are many more examples of both social commentary, surrealism and nature art to be seen on my website and Instagram account.
Where did the idea for this art come from?
My focus as a painter has developed over many years. As an antiwar activist during the Vietnam war, as an environmentalist and defender of wildlife, as a traveler and wilderness trekker, I have built up a point of view about the world and life and justice that is reflected in my artworks. This selected work in particular was influenced by the Edward Hicks paintings called “Peaceable Kingdom”. I turned this idea upside down and put it up against the reality that the lion does not lie down with the lamb, that nature is hungry, brutal and remorseless. We do not live peaceably and comfortably with this tooth and claw truth and do everything we can to separate ourselves from it. 
What does this art mean to you?

It means to me a way to explore what I consider to be the truth of our existence. I always think of my work as not just colorful decorations but philosophical essays on human life, wild nature and the awesome creatures that exist on our planet. 
What else can you tell us about yourself and your art?

I have always lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. If I go away, this is where I always come back. My main interest is painting in oils and acrylics but I have done comic books (Inner City Romance, Doll, Stacia Stories) that have been published by Last Gasp, Rip Off Press, Kitchen Sink Press and Fantagraphics. I do many ink drawings as well. I do or have done murals, mosaics, miniatures, prints, coloring books and masterwork copies. Most of my recently published work is previewed on Instagram or can be found through Amazon. A great deal of biographical information can be found online by searching my name. My website provides a gateway to a series of tumblr galleries and on line coloring books. I call myself a Figurative Social Surrealist.
To see more of Guy’s work please follow the link below to see his instgram page 

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