no wonders – damn_baby_art

Why did you pick this picture? 

Alot of what I have to do is commissions or somewhat goofy stuff, this one was kinda one for just me so it shows more of what I like to do, or why I draw in the first place.

Where did the idea for this art come from? 

I’ve been listening to an album from the band tuft, practically over and over for about 3 month now, and the lyrics came from a song called no wonders.

What does the art mean to you?

what they mean to me is being in a relationship with anyone who can’t commit, and it’s exclaimed in the song rather aggressively so to me shows the frustration in being with someone who can’t decide if you are good enough to be with and when you truly care for them it’s like being held hostage, I think also you know most people have been on both sides, I think we’ve all been the person to not let go of someone, thinking maybe we’ll never find another or just of being alone but that all stems from fear and I think being afraid of certain things is a weakness and being afraid to be with yourself is one of them that I think everyone experiances at some point. So to me it represents both sides of the problem, captive and captor

What can you tell us about yourself?

I’m from a super small town in Kentucky and now live in dallas and work at comic cons selling mine and another artists work, I do stand up and eventually would love to work in the games industry industry or work on a cartoon that’s always been the dream!

What more can you tell us about your art? 

It’s something I’ve always done and has always been a way I’ve connected with others and I like to think that others can get something out of it be it the phrase or the image, like in this instance someone else’s words meant something to me, and so I added something to it, gave some of myself to it, and sent it on its way for someone else to discover and hopefully gain something from which is why I like to think most artist do it.

To see more of damn_baby_art please follow the link below to see their Instagram page 

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