Stitch in Hawai – trinidad_art

Why i pick this pictur?

because i have a little sister who loves lilo and stitch(especially stitch),so i wanted to make a beautiful present for her`s bithday.

Where did the the idea came from?

i always get some ideas from pinterest,but i change the colors.

What does this art mean to you?

it means a lot beacause it took me a long time to do it and my sister loves it.Also it was the firts time i make a video of me drawing

What can you tell about us about yourself?

i am a girl in high school and i have no art studies. I started painting because of my grandma and now i spend a lot time drawing.

What more can you tell us about yuor art?

i usally make very creative and colorful pieces and in this drawing i use markers,but i usally use color pencils.Also in summer when i have more time i paint a lot.

To see more of trinidad_art work please follow the link Below to see their instgram page

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