Winter of my dreams – art_natalie_filippova

Why did you pick this picture?

Implementing my dreams! I want winter to be like in this picture…with lots of snow and light frost outside. Having such a winter would be a great pleasure! With no wet cool feet, uncomfortable feelings and sickness at all. I don’t want to view a usual Saint Petersburg’s slush, I’m going to view the picture and waiting for my dreams coming true.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I live in the north. In city by the sea in St. Petersburg. In winter, there is always a strong cold wind and slush underfoot. Weather changes frequently, and in the winter, too. In the morning there can be snow, rain in the afternoon and in the evening hit the frost and ice begins.

I want the whole winter was snow and frost. This is the best weather for this time of year. I want this gift for Christmas! With this work, I visualize my desire.

I am engaged in fitness with 12 years. I think this is an important part of life and health. I love the open gay people. Favorite writers Ray Bradbury and George Martynov.

What more can you tell us about your art?

I unfortunately do not have the system of art education and learning itself, I find a lot of information on the Internet. When I come to a standstill or understand that it is time to find a mentor, find a suitable artist and go to the workshop, for example. Every day, I make sketches or part of a lot of work – it is the rule! This is my life! Not all the work I show on the network, but every day and every moment in my mind there is a lot of ideas, I try to implement all of them. Otherwise, I feel bad.

To see more of Natalie’s art please follow the link below to see her instgram page 

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