UNDRCTY (UnderCity) – treytrimble

Why did you pick this picture?

Because it’s my favorite atmosphere to attempt to capture. I definitely have a love for all things portraying post-apocalyptic living. I don’t always get to do them or find the time to, but I always enjoy imagining in that world. Just thinking in what ifs. Thats the great thing about art, you can always go adventuring in what ifs and never go too far.  Like taking an obviously thriving area and dreaming of what it would look like after being abandoned (for any imaginative epidemic or tragedy, etc) for thousands of years and just being left to the elements alone or maybe sometimes scavengers and survivors using items in creative ways that decorate the landscape just trying to live their lives in this. No one truly KNOWS what this would look like. There’s no wrongs, just dive in and play. Imagine. It’s YOUR world. How would you survive?

What does this art mean to you?

It means life. As weird and backwards as it may sound in reference to a really dark genre. To me it speaks hope. In that, in spite of any awful tragedy or devastation that may befall us. People, us, we will still will survive, adapt, help our neighbors, join arms and rebuild.  Like in “UnderCity” you see wires and cable. They’re broken and hanging. But the lights on the buildings are indeed working. How did they manage that? Then you imagine all of the possible riggings of all the different parts and pieces the old world had scattered everywhere. Solar panels? Maybe a plethora of AA Batteries, car batteries, etc? At least my mind goes there. Everyones unique strengths come out in really trying times. If we pull together, each of us, we overcome. We already see that in doses in life now. Theough floods, fires, animal attacks,  tornadoes, etc. People rush to the aid, they gather, pull supplies, create shelters and things. It reminds me that we are, alot of the time, the “First Responders” that we dont have to wait on any government power to help. WE can do. And that brings me hope and a smile.

What can you tell us about yourself?

Well, let’s see! 

 Music is a huge part of my life. I’m also a musician.  I play by ear, 6 instruments: Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, and Banjo. Being home schooled the whole way through, I had alot of time at home and so I learned them all just at the house playing along with mp3s and things after school. I’m blessed to be in a very musical family.  I have a real love for the 1930s-50s. From music, movies, styling of everything (appliances, vehicles I mean everything.)

I would also like to say I’m blessed with an amazing girl who has unbelievable patience to deal with a fella who takes on alot more than he should and works pretty late. She’s always been extremely and selflessly supportive and loving, and that is something I can’t ever say enough about. I’m just (in the words of a currently popular Bruno Mars song:) Hashtag Blessed.

I love you, babydoll! Now for my shameless plug *ahem*

Check out my YouTube channel! I have tutorials, songs, guitar solos, drum covers, and more! 😉


Also my semi-new Behance page would love some lovin’. 


What more can you tell us about your art?

Well, I do much more than just Post-apocalyptic art. I do pretty much whatever is needed for a project. I’ve done corny cartoon, serious and somber, dark and erie, bright and cheery, fun and exciting, and logo design.

Right now I’m in the middle of an Everyday project. Day 439 to be specific and I don’t know when I’ll be stopping. But I aim to continue and try to keep growing in different avenues of art. Mostly right now using Cinema 4D, After Effects, MegaScans, Quixel, and Photoshop. Soon I’ll be buying some more software to tinker with!

To see more of treytrimble’s art please follow the link below to see their instgram page

One thought on “UNDRCTY (UnderCity) – treytrimble

  1. Wow! My nephew, Trey, is so smart and talented. I’ve been there since he was born and have seen him grow into a very interesting young man who everybody loves to follow! I’m very proud of you, Trey. xoxo, Aunt Deborah


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