Soulmates calling – ericbeescoolman

Why did you pick this picture?

I felt it allowed me to combined my two loves. Monster and the struggle of love and human emotions. I am a hopeless romantic and I love science fiction . The two have gone hand in hand in this piece.

Where did the idea come from?

I had an idea four years ago I drew it down on a sticky note. I feel there is a match for our soul out there somewhere looking for us. When you are sad or happy they feel it. Not even the distance to the moon quiets that calling. The hardest part is finding your soulmate. If it is meant to be the connection will be so overwhelming it would seem like you could hear each others soul calling for you.


What can you tell us about yourself?

I spend most days wondering around my imagination constantly thinking of what I can make sculptures from. Looking for little trinkets or found items to use in my art. Also pondering life and love. I seem to always be listening to music. When I feel an idea come to mind I write it down or draw it for later. So I can create them at the right time. I am 30 years old. I have a beautiful wife and a 4 year old little boy who is probably the best little monster I have helped create. I love anything related to art as well as learning how to understand human emotions and to embrace all of them and use art to express them. Whether the experiences are mine or from someone else. I like creating art to show our struggles of discovering who we are as individuals.


What more can you tell us about yourself?

I like taking an innocent approach to art. I love kids and their beautiful imaginations. I want to create art that feeds that creativity and gets kids using their imagination. So I make monsters and robots. Kids are our future I want my son and other kids who see my art to use their imagination to create art whether similar to mine or other styles. Just to feed the need to create. I don’t force art. If I have to force it, the sculpture or idea is not ready to be created. So I jot down my ideas for later down the road. Art is not meant to be forced. It takes a long time to realize that. I have done this for 24 years I have learned the hard way not to rush art.

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The piece is finished. You have heard the saying "get your head out of the clouds", well this little guy was used to exploring the wonders of his imagination, he one day became so carried away with it that he floated all the way to the moon. He had never thought of his imagination to have that kind of power. While on the moon he explored his imagination fully exploring every nook and kranny. Once done with that, he did the next best thing. The little monster began to listen to his heart and to find an inner peace. He had found what he thought would keep his days happy with a very healthy imagination and clear communication with his heart the little monster thought he had all he needed. However one day this little monster had a strange feeling flow over him. It was as if a small door to his heart had opened. He had never explored this part of his heart before. Well he talked to his heart and pondered what it was telling him. He realized that he needed someone to share this happiness with as well as his imagination. So he asked his heart to describe what this monster might look like or even qualities they would need. While listening to his hearts description he used his imagination to draw what his heart described to him. After a long period of time he had finally finished his mental sketch. He was now determined to find his hearts match. So he built himself a spyglass using his crafty mind and walked to the edge of the Cresent moon, where he spent his time searching for that special someone. He knew that someday he would find her, his soulmate. Some nights if your lucky you can see this little monster looking down on the earth looking for his little monster soulmate. #monsterart #art #artoftheday #picoftheday #oneofakind #selftaught #artist #wonderingmind #love #truelove #hopelessromantic #soulmates #true #lifepartner #storyteller #shortstory #metal #metalart #wire #wireart #personaljourney #innerpeace #companion #monsterart #monstermakers #monsterlove #soulsearching

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