Vogue – Yunique_Nick

Why did you pick this picture; 
This „Vogue“ picture is one of my favourites from my whole vogue cover collection. The beautiful girl you`re seeing in this picture is Gigi Hadid. She`s wearing a black statement-jacket brocaded with beautiful ornamental silver pearls from the brand Armani. I had so much fun illustrating this! Especially because this illustration shows not only my passion for fashion but also a lot of details that touch my memory and build a beautiful story in my mind.

Where did the idea for this art come from?

I`ve started illustrating Vogue Covers in August 2016. One of my first Vogue Cover Illustration was Vogue Cover September issue 2016 with Kendall Jenner wearing a Gucci Jacket. Which Kendall Jenner also reposted on her Instagram account.(Still so grateful for that). I was so happy for Kendall Jenner for looking so amazing and beautiful on the cover that I could help myself than to draw her! I adore the fact that people can inspire each other and like Kendall, Gigi inspired me as well. 

What does this art means to you?

It may seem that it`s just a portrait from a person however it has lot more behind it. Like I said before, it shows my passion for fashion, fashion illustrations and also clothes, fabrics and textiles. This Illustration gives me a certain kind of memories combined with a stories. It reminds me of my holidays in Paris where my mother and I used to go always once in a year. It might be the ornamental pearls on the jacket that give me the feeling of the Beautiful Parisian streets or the secret atmosphere she’s building by putting her hand to the hat. I don`t know exactly what it is but it makes me happy to drown deep in my mind while looking at this picture.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I`ve been drawing since I`m 4 years old. I drew a lot of things from mermaids, horses then a big Pokemon era, then I fell in love with illustrating anime and manga. After all this styles I found my passion for fashion. Combining fashion with music is also thing that I love because who doesn’t like music? Music heals! I graduate my apprenticeship as a dressmaker and now I`m on my way to study Fashion Design. My goal wasn’t and isn`t exactly to become „better“ I just want to impress and more important to inspire people. You get better when you really love what your doing and keep doing it! 

What more can you tell us about your art?

I love to illustrate Fashion in every different kind. Fashion designs, fashion illustration or combine Fashion with my other passion the music. I love to create and to put my designs and imagination on paper. In my apprenticeship I`ve learned especially in the fashion illustration to become faster but also to give the customer or viewer the chance to think about the illustration. My style consists of to leave certain sections of the illustration out. To make it more „exciting“. 

To see more of Yunique_Nick’s work please follow the link below to see their instgram page 

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'@gigihadid in @armani from #GiorgioArmaniPrivé collection for @vogueparis November issue!♥ By Yanick Monteiro /@yunique_nick @gigihadid  wearing a black statement-jacket brocaded with ornamental silver pearls! looking `tres chic!👌❤ Photographed by @mariotestino Editorial by @emmanuellealt Hair by @hairbychristiaan Make up by @ctilburymakeup ___ #gigihadid #gigihadidstyle #gigihadidnews #voguemagazine  #armani #mariotestino #christiaan  #vogue  #emmanuellealt #love #cover  #fanartfriday #shot #art #drawing #fashion #bellahadid #trend #style #drawingoftheday #fashionart #illustrationfashion #thesketchavenue #trendsketches #yanickmonteiro #fashiondesigner @art8amby #fashionblogger #webstapick

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