Windows –

Why did you pick this picture? 

I chose this picture because I wanted to study the lights and darks as well as the emotion in an eye. I felt this photo demonstrated this very well.

Where did the idea of the art come from?

The idea for the drawing came from seeing several artists do their take on this. Each one had a slightly different emotion.

What does this art mean to you?

To me this artwork means that someone can be perfectly happy on the outside and put up a facade. But on the inside, they could be dying, lonely, or lost. I tried to draw the eye’s veins as if they were a fence trapping in the emotions.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I’m Melissa, I’m 13, I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. However, I only started seriously drawing for 1 1/2 years now. My style is semi-realistic as the moment but I’m working towards realism. My favorite mediums are graphite and watercolor. Besides drawing, I dance, do track, and am a straight A student.

To see more of’s work please follow the link below to see their instgram page 

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