Isabella, Behind The Scars – sophiemayanne

Why did you pick this picture?

This images is part of an ongoing series of mine called “Behind The Scars.”. Isabella took part in the series recently, and I feel her story really embodies the message of the project. “In the summer of ’15 I was in a house fire. My clothes and way of life up in flames. I spent my summer in a burns unit on Fulham Road. My scars and scar tissue continue to change, but I have never felt more beautiful.” 

Where did the idea for this art come from?

I have always had an interest in what people perceive as flaws, and a fascination in the beauty in imperfections. Ever since having a camera I have always been drawn to the little things that make somebody different, and beautiful! 

What does this art mean to you?

So far the project has also taken me on quite a journey – and I’m excited for where it takes me next. It’s been educational, inspiring – and above all, it’s given me a purpose. I have been taking photos for a few years now, but sometimes I felt like I wasn’t always doing purposeful things with my camera, and that sometimes my images felt a bit empty. So I think on a personal level, the images have helped me – and I think on a wider level – it is helping other people to embrace themselves in a new way. 

What can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Sophie Mayanne, I’m 24 years old and based between London and the Cotswolds in the UK. I love taking photos, travelling – and also writing! 

What more can you tell us about your art?

This particular series is also about honesty – so the images aren’t retouched other than slight colour corrections. As the series is about embracing, and being proud of yourself, your scars and your stories – for me that is also an important element of the images. It’s vital that the images are relatable, and a true pictorial narrative of the person in it.

To see more of sophiemayanne’s work and the wonderful work she does for beyond the scars please follow the link below to see her instgram page 

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