The Art Of Smoking – Haus_Of_Tina

Why did you pick this picture?
Well, I am a dollmaker and I have more than 40 dolls in my collection. I’ve been sculpting and designing for a year, so during that time I’ve practiced a lot until I found my real style. Thus, this doll represents my true artistic personality and that’s the main reason why it was chosen!
Where did the idea come from?
My art is mainly inspired by Drag Queens and Club Kids and one day I found an amazing artist and drag queen named Charity Kase (@internetchav). He’s famous for his project called #365daysofdrag where he posts incredible looks every single day. One of his looks gave me an idea to create this doll!
What does this art mean to you?
This art piece means everything to me! I live for my dolls and I can tell that this one is my absolute favorite! Having all these art objects in your house makes you feel like you live in a museum!
What can you tell us about yourself?
Well, I’m a self-taught creative person. I have so many ideas and plans with art, so I never get bored and there’s always something going on in my life. I live for Fashion, Design and Drag. These are the top 3 things that help me!
What more can you tell us about your art?
My art is not only about dolls. I do many other things like art collages, conceptual art, industrial design, textile design and so on ! I don’t think that my style is boring because I always try to do something brand new. And that’s probably what makes me different
To see more of hausoftina’s artwork please follow the link below to see their instgram page 

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