Wolf – artisamjones

Why Did you pick this picture?

I chose this picture because it was one ofthe first works that I completed using coloured pencils and I was pretty

pleased with the outcome. I had been testing out different brands of

pencils and paper to see which I preferred to work with and this was my

‘eureka’ moment when I put Faber Castell polychromos on pastelmat and

loved how it felt to work with and the results that it gave.

Where did the idea come from?

Over the last couple of years I have

almost exclusively drawn animals, mostly commission work of peoples’

pets. My work is all about the detail. This was a piece that I chose to

do for my own satisfaction, I love animals and outside of pets I love to

draw wildlife, especially animals that are under threat of losing

habitat or extinction. I always hope that it may help highlight their

plight and make people more aware of their situation.

What does this art mean to you?

This piece signifies a coming together

of things I love the most, depicting animals in detail, with my own spin

on realism, and with mediums that have now become my ‘go to’ choice.

This is me, and how I’d like to keep moving forward.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I am in my 40’s and live in Cornwall UK. I have always

had a passion for art and creating. I am at my most comfortable when I

am sat at my drawing board with a handful of pencils and a very large

mug of tea!

What more can you tell us about your Art?

I think I have finally settled into a discpline that

I will stick with, and hopefully keep improving at. I did study Art and

Design at college, and attempted everything from photography, ceramics,

printmaking, painting and silversmithing. I seem to have come full

circle back to pencils and paper, which is where I started as a child.

To see more of artisamjones artwork please follow the link below to see their instgram page

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