Bunny charm in a glove – bia

Why did you pick this picture? 

 Its one of my fav items that i made.This piece took me a long time to make. It’s really small and it’s hard to add details in small clay pieces .. I decorated it with flowers and i loved the way it turned out.

Where did the idea for this art came from? 

Some of my polymer clay pieces have been inspired by other polymer clay enthusiasts. Each of them had brought something to life in their work, which i connected with.They showed me something that was inside me waiting to be created and my inspiration for this clay piece came from Christmas ornaments

What does this art mean to you? 

Basically art is where my feelings go, whether the day is good or bad ,its where i express it. As long as i get it out and into whatever i am creating, i feel great. It helps me share my imagination when i can’t explain it and it makes me productive because i want to improve a lot so i have to practice a lot too! Crafting is something I love to do, even tho if my charms are not perfect, they are a part of me and showing me as i am because i love bright colours And simplicity and cute stuff!

What can you tell us about yourself? 

 My name is Bia and I am a high school student. A simple girl with big dreams. I want to become a pediatrician. Art and Craft is my hobby. There is a different variations of my work through each piece I make. Even as a child i always loved to draw and devote myself to manual activities that express my creativity. Working with polymer clay bought me into a dimension of colors, ideas, inspiration ..that everyday is in continuous evolution! Modelling this colourful clay for me is like a painting in three dimensions,make paintings that you can touch! A part from crafting I love writing,reading,baking and gardening

What more can you tell us about your art? 

My heart has been calling me to go bigger. I want to make unique sculptural pieces .I am currently working on a mixed media using polymer clay, metal clay, gemstones and fossils (to name a few things) i have trouble on just one area and i like combining all the varied elements into unexpected combinations in my charms! I don’t really plan new directions they just came as fashion change and I learn new techniques or push forward from shapes and colors I have played within the past!

To see more of Bia’s artwork please follow the link below to see their instgram page 

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Heya friends👋 … My name is Bia.. Welcome to my art account! I love drawing and I will be sharing my traditional artpieces and polymer clay creations with you all! Hope You enjoy! Ps .. HAPPY WINTER HOLIDAYS TO U GUYS🎁🎁💝 ……. .. .. This is a cute rabbit charm🐰🐰🐰 in a glove 😍 i decorated it with flowers.. i loved how this turned out .. .. .. wdyt ? .. .. … … 💁Tags ignore .. .. #clayart #polymerclay #fimo #art #artist #diy #cuteness #claylove #charms #clayart #heart #christmas #art_4share #artistic_unity_ #artistic_visuals_ #artstalent #tag_artist #__artsharing #artistic_artshare #iartpost #artistworld #postingartwork @artshare4smallaccounts #feature_my_stuff #artistic #artstrending #postingartworks #clay #f4f @artworld_daily #illustratenow #sendyourbestart #featuremefarah18

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