STILL – Sebastian Aasland

Why did you pick this picture?

I chose this picture as I felt it explains a lot about where my art currently is. I dabble in a lot of different styles of digital art, always trying out new methods and workflows. To some degree this picture is an amalgamation of the different skills I’ve developed over time. I like the striking colours as well as the (fatally) dramatic pose and imagery. The title suggest some sort of stillness over the scene, which I feel in turn makes it more evocative. I wanted to display an image that could not only stand on itself as aesthetically pleasing art, but also contain a deeper meaning. Some for me as a creator to put in and understand, but also for the viewer to create their own opinions and “stories” about. Describing art like this sometimes feel like a cliché to me, but at the same time I have tremendous respect for the meaning all audiences create when looking at art. Who am I to say that whatever I put into the image is any more valid than the feelings of any viewer? 

Where did the idea come from?

I love minimalism, vector art, posters and comic books. This draws inspiration from all of these. This was the first of three posters in a series I recently did. It was created around Halloween which probably swept my mind onto spooky and gory themes. The series of posters I set out to make explore the used of colour and minimalism in a way I’ve previously not worked before. Wanting to use minimal colour (counting white, there’s only two) the goal was to create something striking that would still be easily recognised. The main focus then became the shapes, playing with whitespace and trying to generate as much detail using as few elements as possible. The Omega-sign on her thigh signifies the end, this to be interpreted however the viewer feels like, but the imagery is quite literal in this sense too. In the end the piece inspired much of the direction I continued working in afterwards, simple shapes in simple colours that tell a broader story.  

What does this art mean to you?

To me this piece signifies a lot of things. It signifies death, loss and remorse, but on the other hand it also says something about calmness, focus and the power to endure. To keep on going regardless of what is thrown at you. There’s also a lot of deeper personal meaning in this piece that would be too much for me to dive into here, but I’d consider the overall theme to be empower yourself, use what’s tough, hard and cold in your life and come back from it. Grow as a person, an artist, a friend, a family member, pretty much any aspect of your life. I truly believe that our hardships define us equally as the positive additions to our lives. This piece is meant as a reminder of that. Despite what might be considered as pretty bleak imagery I find it motivating. To struggle is part of everyone’s life and coping with that is both the hardest and most important thing one can do. 

What can you tell us about yourself?

Well, I’m a young designer and illustrator from the Western coast of Norway. I’m currently finishing up my final year of studies here in the UK while creating art and working freelance on the side. I enjoy most forms of visual art. This could be anything from traditional paintings to comic books to tattoos. Personal favourites include the work of Alphonse Mucha, Dan Mumford and Aimèe Cornwell. 

What more can you tell us about your art?

My art more than anything is something I create in sort of a streamlined vacuum. Working graphic design or illustration you spend a lot of time thoroughly researching and understanding the given problem. Thinking through every aspect of your design in a more methodical manner. This might of course just be my own personal view on this, but my art is different. The art I create stems more from feelings and emotions. I see it as some sort of visualised stream of consciousness, where I explore ideas while I create the piece. I want what I create to be enjoyed and give something to the viewer, but in the end it is a selfish endeavour to me. I create it first and foremost for myself. Working creatively, always thinking of the end user, the client, what have you, is something I do for work. Art is my opportunity to create just for myself. If people around me happen to enjoy it or feel something from it, great, if not that’s also fine.

To see more of Sebastian’s artwork please follow the link below to see their instgram page 

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