The Face We Show the World – Kurt Gerard

Why did you pick this picture?

When I made this piece I was experimenting with making digital art look like it was done with traditional media. I really liked the end result and I think it captured the emotion I want to portray with this piece.

Where did the idea for this art come from?

The idea for this particular piece came from the Japanese saying about people having three faces: One for the world, one for your friends and family and the last face you never show to anyone. In this piece it shows two of the faces, one disentegrating to give a glimpse of the real one beneath.

What does this art mean to you?

This piece means a lot of me. As an introvert I sometimes say and do things I don’t really like just to conform. The art I make is often a glimpse of what I truly feel.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I work as a freelance graphic designer in the Philippines with clients from the other side of the world. I make art in my free time, most of which are inspired by everyday thoughts, daydreams, ideas and scenarios I play out in my head.

What more can you tell us about your art?

My artworks are very personal to me. I can barely finish creating a piece that I am not emotionally attached to. I always try to capture emotions above everything else. I like to think my artstyle as a constant exploration of the medium. I am often inspired to create works of melancholic themes.

To see more of Kurt’s artwork please follow the link below to see their Instagram page

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