What The Freak – Hybrid Animals series – Ravin Wong

Why did you pick this picture?

I love this hybrid animal series purely because it is a refreshing concept with random mixture of creatures which can have absolutely endless fascinating, creative results.

Where did the idea for this art come from?

I’ve always wanted to create artwork which are striking and quirky at the same time, makes people focus their attention on its details.

What The Freak (WTF) series is based on shows that have impacted me the most back when I was a child, shows like ‘Pokemon’ for instance. They’ve inspired me to think out of the box and try to explore things from different directions.

What does this art mean to you?

The concept started off as animal illustrations with random objects attached as a symbol for what science might come up in the future. As I was experimenting with names and background information for these creatures, I realized that the possibilities could be endless.

This series is the result of word-playing interpreted in the form of hybrid creatures.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I’m an illustration artist/ communication designer originally from Hong Kong. I’ve lived in Melbourne, Australia for 7 years and I’ve relocated in Tasmania for almost a year now. I love animals, creatures, skulls and some alternative expressions in particular. I love to explore new styles and collaborate with different artists. I find how artists express their individual experiences through different forms of art very fascinating.

What more can you tell us about your art?

I’d like to use the word ‘striking’ to describe my style. That is the intention, to lure all the attention on the details of my artwork. I believe that sometimes artwork itself may not reflect the artists’ personalities entirely but it certainly reflects their emotions. ‘Diversity’ is what I try to convey through my artwork.

To see more of Ravin’s artwork please follow the link below to see their instagram page

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