Here is sneeze medicine for you – Ghina

Why did you pick this picture?

I still in improvement to practice colouring. And i think this picture has best colouring in my artworks.

Where did the idea for this art come from?

When i read “Kiki’s Delivery Service” novel, i think novel version of Kiki is prettier than movie version. So i want to redraw her with my original style.

What does this art mean to you?

Art was my hobby since i was child.

It’s so exciting when i can draw something with my hand as detail as i imagine in my head. When i’m not confident with my self, i remember that i can drawing. I can make something that other people can’t.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I was live in Japan when i child. I love to watch Ghibli’s movie because of my father. My father recommended me to watch Ghibli movie for practice language.

What more can you tell us about your art?

Kiki’s Delivery Service is second Ghibli’s movie i have watch. And i become Ghibli fan after this. I found that “Kiki’s Delivery Service” has animated from novel. So i ask my mother to buy it when she goes to Japan for work. I obtain a deep understand of Kiki’s characteristic from novel. I want to draw my version of Kiki who i got from read this novel.

To see more of Ghina’s artwork please follow the link below to see their instagram page

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