Logo Competition 

And the winner is……..

Name: Rosa Silberztein

Age: 15

Living: French, Paris

My name is Rosa and I’m 15 living in Paris and my mom is American ; so I’m bilingual in English and French . I have always loved art. I started taking art classes once a week when I was 7 after I had done a short art initiation camp and loved it. I would always wait for that day of the week with a lot of impatience. Art class has always been a place where I could freely express myself and be messy without being yelled at. That said, I actually started painting when I was 12. I paint with acrylic once a week in my art class on mostly (50 x 65)cm format. I love the layering and texture acrylic paint allows. For me acrylic is extremely physical, it is a way to let out my energy freely. However I now do an important amount of my painting at home with mostly watercolor and guache (although I paint with acrylic outside my art class sometimes as well). I started watercolor relatively recently and I didn’t think I would like it because everybody kept telling me how much of a delicate medium it was. Being the opposite of delicate I decided it was not for me. However I tried it when I was 14 and realized I actually love it and find it extremely beautiful and pretty relaxing. It also helped me to literally go with the flow in my paintings, and be ok with having it go in a different direction than what I had envisioned originally. I recently started digital art on iPad with procreate. I would love to try oil painting in the near future.


Expressionists like Soutine or Karel Appel are my favorite artists. I love the physicality of their paintings, the texture and how they translate their emotions through bold lines and colors. Leonid Afremov is equally a huge inspiration in my art for his beautiful colors and his dramatic use of light and shading. I also admire how he manages to convey magic and fantasy in his paintings. On a more modern note watercolorist and instagrammers @agnes_cecile and @tomaszmroart are both big influences for some of my watercolor paintings. I love their powerful yet delicate use of color.


I enjoy writing poetry and would like to combine my poetry with my art.

I have a couple of short video projects that I’m working on, combining my art with poetry I write and\or music. That’s something that I’m very interested in doing in the future : combining different art forms to convey the most emotion possible. I would love to go to art college and later be able to make a living out of my art, illustration or film. However, I’m also interested in helping people express themselves through art. So teaching art to teenagers with behavioral problems is something that I would really love to do. I think art can be very therapeutic.


I love painting from life (which I’m trying to do more of) but most of the time I use reference photos. I sometimes have a set idea in my mind of exactly what I want to paint and I find lots of references I could use to help me convey that set idea in my head and other times my inspiration comes from looking at different random photos, or from famous people, TV and films I like.

I paint what I feel. I just allow myself to express myself on a sheet of paper taking more or less into consideration my various references depending on my goal in the painting I’m doing.


I try to express my fears, feelings, emotions and fantasies through painting. I want to create a story the viewer can relate to through my art. What I love painting the most is the human face and body. Light and darkness and color contrast is something that I’m very interested in and which I try to emphasize in my paintings. However I try not to worry too much about the final result which is something that I find extremely helpful in painting.


​I couldn’t be more grateful to this blog for giving me this page and giving me the opportunity to show my art. This means so much to me.


Please see more of Rosa’s work below:

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